Band of Jackals

Band of Jackals were constructed in Nottingham from parts lying around a university campus. Once built and fully oiled by old blues musicians, The Jackals music machine was set in full motion and directed towards the brains of the general public whom have since consensually joined this heavy parade.

“Queens Of The Stone Age dragging a huge spliff with spaced out fuzz-rock driven by a whirlwind slugger and guaranteed to blow your mind” – Nine Black Alps

“A sound that has more testosterone than King Kong’s wank sock. A gritty desert rock n roll machine with the occassional injection of funk. Band of Jackals are one of these groups that really need to be witnessed live to fully appreciate them.” – Leftlion

“One Hand Washes The Other EP rocks like a bastard with autism” – Drowned In Sound/Drowned In Nottingham