Scuzzed up 80’s drum loops, distorted punk tinged basslines and cheeky analogue synths form a backdrop to lovelorn stage theatrics. Heartache and introversion for the bedroom generation.

Love songs disguised as laments, set in a world where courting and the romantic thrill of the chase has degenerated into game playing and text messages. The juxtaposition of angular electronics with fuzz drenched, organic bass guitar perfectly imparts the mood of a romantic struggling with love in an indifferent century.

The musical influences heard here are often thought of as being 80’s artists such as Joy Division and the Smiths. There is undoubtedly a healthy dose of Morrissey or Ian Curtis in Jack’s lovelorn stage theatrics and sometimes painfully honest and expressive performances, but the singer cites his musical influences as being
more that of the grunge and punk songs he listened to as a teenager in the 90s. Indeed, the songs themselves seem to hark back to that intangible innocence and simplicity that permeates our teenage crushes, only to be lost in the politics of adult relationships.


“Dark, brooding, heartbreakingly honest and lyrically poignant. Notts answer to your saddest moments.”  Farmyard Records –

“Practical Lovers is not just a musical project but an entire personality. Definitely a band worth checking out.” – Darren Patterson – Nottingham Live