The Smears

The Smears are a gang. Maimee V. Miss C and C Doll. Over the last 6 years, the Smears have come up writhing, twisting and seething from the underbellies of punk to make it something that’s quite their own.

Unashamedly influenced by the heavyweights of pop, punk and grunge, the Smears have stamped a stiletto heel right through the heart of it, added louder guitars, driving bass lines, pounding drums and venomous vocals.
Through out this time, the Smears have taken the UK by storm, never leaving an audience unsatisfied. Their fearless ability and unapologetic attitude grips the audience from beginning to end and leaves them begging for more.
With the imminent release of their album ‘Hell in High Heels,’ the girls are stepping it up a notch and are more than ready for it. Are you?

“The Smears are not for the faint hearted as they demolish any preconceived ideas you might hold about a ‘girl group’. The lyrics set the mind racing as rapidly as the beat fires up the adrenalin. Spiky, raw and irresistibly alluring; that’s what makes The Smears the hottest female group to come out of this Country .” Dean Jackson BBC Radio Nottingham

“Whisper it for the moment but the UK punk rock scene is currently at it’s healthiest for about three decades, and there’s not even a safety pin in sight or a jubilee on the horizon. Instead, the likes of Gallows, Lovvers and Nottingham all-girl trio The Smears are kicking up a whole different kind of fuss thanks to a combination of ballsy attitude, chaotic unpredictability and of course, a spittle drenched barrel of tunes.” – Drowned in Sound

“The Smears are by far the most exciting, raw and genuinely unrestrained punk band we currently have the pleasure of dealing with, and ‘Deliverance’ is their fiercest track so far. I used to be able to do a lot of stuff before they came along- sleep, blink, enter dark rooms… those days are gone.” – James Birchall Kudos Records

“The Smears are an upcoming tour de force in the Nottingham music scene. For some, being an all-girl punk group would perhaps be enough to make them stand out. With The Smears, however, add to this the fact that all three are highly attractive ladies who know how to rock and you start to understand why they regularly leave Notts crowds whooping and screaming for more.” Leftlion Magazine. Nottingham’s best alternative magazine

“‘The Smears will kick you in the teeth and rip your heart right outta your chest. Throw Patti Smith and the Shangri La’s into a blender with the Northwest ferocity of Mudhoney and you’re coming close…” – Sonic Dirt Records