Inside The Factory: Ryan Farmer

Inside The Factory

Our very own Ryan “Thomas” Farmer’s song “Worries and Troubles” was used extensively throughout episode 6 of BBC2’s Inside the Factory¬†last night. The incredibly interesting documentary¬†has Master Chef presenter Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey investigating the manufacture of shoes both past and present. Who knew that Reebok was founded in Bolton?

“Worries and Troubles” is the title-track of Ryan Farmer’s debut EP out on Wire and Wool Records, available to buy here.


Rendez-Vous En Terre Inconnue – Ryan Thomas

'Ain't Gonna Cry' by Ryan Thomas will be featured on French TV channel France 2 this evening. Broadcast to an average of over 6 million viewers, Rendez-Vous En Terre Inconnue involves a celebrity being taken to an unknown destination, to meet an unknown people.